Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Pastor Kevin Lea Shows how the Earth Rolls

This series of videos on Youtube is the death rattle for plate tectonic theory. A couple of ideas are presented in a straightforward manner.

1: The driving mechanism for plate tectonics is based on magic. Convection currents cannot function within the earth. Rock that melts on the earth's surface becomes less dense than before. Rock that melts under increasing pressure becomes increasingly more dense until, at about a thousand kms depth, the pressure creates magma of equal density. Below that depth magma created is always more dense than the parent rock. Thus magma below ~1000kms depth will always sink. Magma above that will always rise. And no convection will occur.

2: The only way to account for measured movement of the earth's surface is to introduce a dramatic change in the earth's sphericity. Reducing the earth's sphericity increases the capacity for the water on it to cover land. Increasing the sphericity provides a means by which the driving force for earthquakes can be accounted for.

I well recommend watching all 13 episodes (6 in part 1 and 7 in part 2). It's the explanation for fundamental questions in earth sciences that have plagued scientists for the past couple of centuries.

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